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Magnus Mähring.
IT Project Governance.
(2002, Area: Organization and Management)

This dissertation investigates how executives engage in information technology projects and how organizational control of IT projects forms and evolves over time.

It contains an in-depth account of a large, multi-year IT project in a financial company. The story of the “New Deposit System” project provides insights into the dynamics of IT projects in organizations and the challenges facing executives engaging in the governance of these complex undertakings.

Several characteristics of IT projects, such as their abstract nature, technological complexity and non-repetitiveness, render several of the manager’s trusted forms of control impracticable. Even the ideal of “strong top management support” is found to be problematic: it is an extraordinary measure unlikely to translate well into regular organizational practice.

What we find instead are actors in search of means and ways to exercise influence. We find control to be reciprocal and dynamic, influenced by the organization and its history, by the principles and practices of corporate IT management and by the values and norms of the IT profession.

In this environment, selection of key people, evolving trust, other people’s assessments and the construction and reshaping of a project image become important parts of the managerial repertoire for IT project governance.
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Magnus Mähring.
IT Project Governance. 

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Mixing Oil and Water Executives and IT Projects
Chapter 3 Research Approach and Research Process
Chapter 4 The New Deposit System Project
Chapter 5 Understanding the NDS Project
Chapter 6 Understanding IT Project Governance